The Burning Hell - People 12"

The long wait is over! The second release by Headless Owl is by none other than The Burning Hell! And this time, in full length album form! Let's go over the checklist for this one:

  • 180 gram, Green vinyl? Check
  • Custom, foil-stamped cover? Check
  • Hand numbered, limited edition, run of 300 records? Check
  • Answers to life toughest questions? Surprisingly? Check

1. "Grown-ups"
2. "Holidaymakers"
3. "Amateur Rappers"
4. "Realists"
5. "Sentimentalists"
6. "Barbarians"
7. "Wallflowers"
8. "Travel Writers"
9. "Industrialists"

Available now to play on your home Hi-Fi system! Hi-Fi system not included. Some disassembly required.